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new standard covers for heatpumps
For Partners

If You are interested in becoming distributor of the products, listed on this site, please, contact us.
We will provide You with all needed technical information, mounting instructions, etc.

Our advantages

* Production is based in EU – short lead times, easy logistics, low stocking costs.
* Company has ability to develop products according customers’ demands and develops them well.
* Company does not sell products, it sells SOLUTIONS: adoption to customers’ needs.
* Quality: control in receiving inspection, during production and in final inspection; compliance with EU’s corresponding directives.
* Wide range of sub-suppliers based locally in Lithuania.
* Short lead time from project start till first delivery.
* Reliability.
* Flexibility and simplicity of service.
* Attention to the details.
* Ethical way of treating with customers, suppliers and co-workers.

We are looking forward for Your requests and hope that You will grant us the opportunity to prove our competence and professionalism. | new standard covers for heat pumps...