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new standard covers for heatpumps
Welcome to our web site / Varmepumpehus

We specialize in supply of high quality and advanced technical solution covers for heat pumps.  is a synonim of a high quality in supply, solution and products (related to heatpumps) them-selves.
Our solutions are used for protecting heat-pumps from snow, rain, solar radiation, wind, plant leaves and fluff. In addition to this, covers also perform aesthetic function. They fit to majority of outside units.

We proudly announce that our solutions are used in Nordic countries already for several years.

Hereby we present our cost-saving solutions, which, compared with other producers, differ by:
   * Their quality;
   * Technical solution;
   * Convenience in use.

We produce environmently friendly solutions in environmently responsible way.

Please, take few minutes to find out more.